About Us…

ABC Do-Re-ME! is a premier children music and movement program offering unique, fun and educational classes. With classes available for babies, toddlers and preschoolers through to 6 year olds, our programs make a lasting difference to your child’s future.

Not only are ABC Do-Re-ME! programs designed to nurture a child’s cognitive, emotional, social, language, and physical development, the classes also provide flexible schedules and drop-in classes to benefit busy parents. While many classes for babies and toddlers require a commitment of 10 weeks to a year, ABC Do-Re-ME!’s programs allow parents the option of paying per drop-in class, or signing up for a class package or monthly memberships.

ABC Do-Re-ME! teachers are skilled musicians with a vast knowledge of songs that are beloved by children. During the music classes, kids sing, dance, play, explore instruments and read books in an atmosphere that is designed to be completely interactive. The music selection is eclectic and includes everything from nursery rhymes to the Beatles.

As ABC Do-Re-ME! ‘s founder Ellie Greenberg explains, “At ABC Do-Re-Me! music classes are not based on pseudoscience or adult judgments about what kind of music is ideal for kids. Lessons are built around the music that children respond to, whether it is Pete Seeger or Lady Gaga. The goal is to ensure that children are singing, dancing and having a good time. If they go home with a smile and beg to go back for more music the next day, our mission has been accomplished.

This is why we are different…and better

What’s a Drop-In Class?