Jammin’ Parties

ABC Do-Re-ME! would be delighted to provide a fun-filled, interactive musical birthday party for your child! 

Our Music Teachers are experts at creating a birthday around your special theme, using dancing, singing, instruments, puppets, balls, parachute, a birthday story and more.

What’s included:

Basic Party:

  • One hour of musical fun, including 15 minutes of exploring and gathering time based on your theme.
  • Customized activities using instruments, streamers, puppet play, dancing, singing, parachute and more!
  • Choose a Musical Playdate Birthday or a Musical Puppet Birthday.


  • Party Planning
  • Complete party decorations and invitations
  • Party Favors
  • Birthday Gift
  • Piñata
  • Arts and Craft projects

You will need to find the place to hold the party – in your home, at a local community center, in your neighborhood library – anywhere suitable to accommodate a group of children having fun!

The most successful Parties are held indoors in a large room with open floor space and as few distractions (i.e., food, toys, other activities) as possible.

NOTE: The space must be large enough for all in attendance to sit and stand in a circle as well as to move around freely.

*Prices start at $150 for a basic party for active ABC Do-Re-ME! customers with active package and $200 for non-members.

To fill out our party request form please PRESS HERE