ABC Do-Re-ME! “Music at the Park” 2017

June 12 – August 18, 2017

Our popular Music at the park classes are back for the 7th year with more fun songs and activities for children ages 6mo-5yr.

We will explore a new theme every week and we’ll do so by singing songs, playing games, reading books and even doing arts and crafts to take home.

All Music at the park classes are 45 min long with a caregiver and are outdoors at the park from June 12-August 18.

*Don’t forget to check our website for cancellation due to weather and please bring a blanket or a mat with you to class.

2017 Summer Locations (press on location for more info)

East 67 Street  - Enter from 67 street grassy area directly across from the Billy Johnson Playground. It’s a fairly large patch of grass, but I am visible from from the gate to the playground. It slopes downwards towards the east side of the park. There is a large, shady tree in the lower area.

West 96 - Central Park West across West Drive

UWS@67 - Central Park West – Sheep Meadow Grass. Enter from West 67

East 83 - Central Park East – Behind the Met Museum and near Alexander Hamilton Statue

All our classes are at the parks and conduct under a large tree and/or shaded spot to avoid the sun and heat.

Added Afternoon classes:

UES@67 on Mondays and Fridays at 4pm and 5pm with Dan.

UWS@96 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with Sylivan

Added Morning Classes – July 5 – August 11

UES@67 on Tuesdays 10am and 11am

UWS@96 on Fridays 10am and 11am

Classes that are full: 


Mondays 9:15 and 10:15

Tuesdays 10:15 and 11:15

Wednesdays all the classes are full

Thursdays 10:15 and 11:15

Fridays all the classes are full

There is room in the afternoon classes and the new classes added starting in July.


Mondays 10:15 and 11:15*

Tuesdays 10:15

Wednesdays 10:15 and 11:15

Thursdays 10:15 and 11:15*

Fridays 10:15 and 11:15*

There is room in the afternoon classes and the new classes added starting in July.

*Great possibility to get in from wait-list for the 11:15 classes

For our online schedule PRESS HERE

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Our 2017 theme is “Around the World”

Each week we will explore a new destination by singing local songs and playing games. We suggest that the children will bring a “passport” (any small notebook) to class so they can fill it with the weekly stickers / stamps from every destination. 

  • Week 1 (June 12-16) – England (our first stop is England – we will have fun at the London Bridge, Drink Tea, visit the Queen and sing the Beatles)
  • Week 2 (June 19-23) – Scandinavia   (We will stop to visit Anna and Elsa while eating Swedish meatballs, building a snowman and singing Abba songs).
  • Week 3 (June 26-30) – America (we will celebrate the upcoming 4th of july weekend with going camping in the park, making a tent from a parachute, doing BBQ with some instruments and building a campfire from egg shakers)
  • Week 4 (July 5-7) – Egypt (our next stop will be ancient Egypt. We will build pyramids, ride our Camels in the desert, do some belly dancing and find some funny Mummies) 
  • Week 5 (July 10-14) – Africa (on our next stop we will explore the amazing animals that lives in the african safari)
  • Week 6 (July 17-21) – Australia  (our next Aussie stop will take us to the beach and the great plains of Australia. We will learn to surf, play some beach games and find some kangaroos in central park) 
  • Week 7 (July 25-28) – China (We will fly to china to see the great wall and look for Panda bears while learning kung-fu and looking for Dragons in central park).
  • Week 8 (July 31-August 4) – Brazil (Next we will explore brazil, we will explore the wonderful Amazon, play soccer and dance the Samba at the carnival).
  • Week 9 (August 7-11)– Antartica (Our next expolation will take us to the freezing cold of Antarctica. We will build Igloos, make fire, look for penguins and seals and learn how to fish). 
  • Week 10 (August 14-18)– Around the World in 9 weeks (We will celebrate the end of the classes by returning to each destination while singing and playing our favorite songs and activities).

Don’t forget to check our website for cancellation due to weather (rain or extreme heat) and please bring a blanket or a mat with you to class.

*This class is a 45 min drop-in class at the park (outdoors) so please make sure to keep an eye on your child while in the park (our teacher only has 1 pair of eyes and can’t see all the children all the time). We encourage caregivers to put sunscreen on the child before the class and please bring with you a hat and bottle of water as well.