Private In-House Musical Playdate

Get some friends together and have a private musical playdate in your home, Private Musical Playdatebuilding community room, or other suitable arena!

Our teachers will come with a bag full of musical instruments and other surprises and will sing, shake and dance for 45 min.

Let us bring the party to you with a private Musical Playdate designed just for you and your friends. We can come to any venue such as your home or community center where your children will have room to swoop and soar with the music. With a bag of tricks that includes instruments, books and games, our instructors bring all the energy and excitement of the Musical Playdate on the road with them. We can customize the curriculum for a specific age or theme, making it a perfect fit for your little musicians.

Ready for us to bring the fun? Contact us with the specifics of when and where you want us to hold the classes, including a beginning and ending date. Once we’ve confirmed the dates and received your payment, we’ll pack up the party and bring it to your turf!

How much does a Private Playdate cost?

The cost for a private Playdate is $100 per Playdate with a Minimum of 3 Playdates.       You can have up to 15 children in a playdate to share the cost.

I like it – what’s next?

Let us know where and when you want the classes to be held – please provide a start date and an end date.

After we confirm the dates and receive your payment, you are all set to start your private classes with ABC Do-Re-ME!

PRESS HERE to book your Private Playdate